Photo Sketch Album (Sketch Images)
    These are 'sketch' images that exemplify the artistic drafts of what have become still drawings, freezing the reactions of children and young adults who have placed themselves in a world of complete innocence and blissful happiness.  We have taken some of our most favorite photos and have digitally transferred these images into sketches of artwork.  You have the option of owning any of the following images in a 4x6 and/or 8 1/2x11 Size format.  The pictures will be printed out on photo quality paper.  You can even purchase a few sketch images that have been colored to give off more of an idealistic emotion.  However, rather colored or kept as they are, you will definitely enjoy each and every pose, frame and shot. Here at 'Memories and Beyond', we also offer an additional service that will allow you to send in any personal photo of your own choosing to transform into a sketch image. Please make sure the pictures (Sizes:  4x6, 5x7 and 8x10) are in good quality form.  Simply send the photo or photos to the following address:  Memories & Beyond c/o Stephanie Sharp at P.O. Box 96, Mena, AR  71953 accompanied with the Content Order Form reflecting exactly what you are wanting to order.  Additional charges to apply.  Refer to our 'Content Order Form'. As you will soon notice while viewing our 'Photo Sketch Album', each image has been watermarked (via the uMark Professional Software) to deliver more of a secure site. However, the actual sketches will provide a crisp, clear and 'sketchy' image that will not have any of the watermark fonts. 

                              'All photo retouching effects are created digitally with Adobe Photoshop'

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