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    This site is dedicated to those precious and young individuals whose souls had miraculously served their purpose within the small amount of time that they had been given and then received unto the Father once more.  Sometimes when God sends these angelic souls to join the human race and accomplish and achieve a certain task, it gives us the opportunity to fall in love with their soul, charisma, purity, spirit and their ability to love unconditionally.  There are even situations where we have a brief encounter with these particular spirits whose love had saved our lives.  Yet, unfortunately, their time here with us is limited, and we find ourselves never being able to fully thank these loved ones for the positive effects they have had on our lives.  These souls who are no longer with us should be recognized honorably and lifted up with the utmost respect, because for whatever reason or purpose, thy will had been done and their time is now over.  A kind word, a generous smile and that single ray of hope serves its purpose in guiding each and everyone with that light of assurance, life and love.  As you continue browsing this page, keep in mind those who were blessed with the opportunity of getting to know these children, and then say a prayer for them during the course of the song because they now no longer have the privilege of knowing them in a physical manner.  Remember, they come to you and me in our darkest hour to show us how to live, teach us how to give, and guide us with the light of love.       

*A Percentage of the Proceeds will go to the Women & Children First Center Against Family Violence
(A United Way Agency)

(As "Angels Among Us" continues to play, please say a silent prayer for the families of those individuals you have graciously known in the past, young and old, who are now no longer among us that have touched our hearts with sincerity and hope.  To these individuals, we owe our lives.)

*All music file types on this site are WMA formatted.  WMA is an audio file format developed by Microsoft (, the maker of Windows Media Player. It may not be as popular as MP3, but it is still supported by a vast number of players and jukeboxes, including Winamp, Sonique, MusicMatch and J. River's Media Jukebox.  Not all browsers support this file type as a background sound.  If "Angels Among Us" doesn't automatically begin playing, you may need to upgrade your Windows Media Player or any other audio player you may be using.

The End

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