It is always nice to have these images portrayed in a daily fashion by being posted on refrigerators, stoves, file cabinets, computers, etc. or any other metal covered object.  You can portray them at the office, at home or any other convenient place that is visibly accessible and great for magnets.  Continue to portray these images in any and all forms of fashion you choose.  As with our greeting cards, these magnets are divided into two formatted sets in accordance with the shot and frame of the image.  For quality purposes and to avoid distortion of the images, we have formatted these styles to better deliver each and every image and the subliminal message that is being conveyed because we hope to have them 'sticking' around for you for a very long time.  The first set of magnets you will view are 'Large Size Vertical Magnets' (Cut Size:  4.21"x5.47").  The second set of magnets you will view are 'Large Size Horizontal Magnets' (Cut Size:  5.47"x4.21").  Each set of magnets will be sold with that one particular image in a bulk of 10 per order.  These images offered in the form of magnets are those that have shown to be some of our most favorite and best selling images thus far. In addition, as you have probably already noticed, each image has been watermarked (via the uMark Professional Software) to deliver more of a secure site. The actual prints will not have any of the watermark fonts. You will receive a crisp, clear product. If there is a particular image that you are interested in, and the watermarks distort the actual view of the image, click on the subsequent tab (greeting cards or T-shirt Transfer Images) to locate the same image and perhaps get a better view. You can also log onto via the following link     Memories and Beyond (     for additional Photo Variations in Product Lines and Photo Prints, as well as Products not yet provided by our Website that are mentioned in our Upcoming Product List.     Please note that there are certain Terms and Conditions that apply to various photos on this website, which will be pointed out on each subsequent page. Many photos displayed on this website are limited in use. The following image on this page, image #8 located in the 'Large Size Vertical Magnet' section as well as displayed as the 'Featured Item', has been included on this page but now no longer applies to Magnet format sales. This image can be used on the editorial basis for multiple projects across a broad range of media over an unlimited period of time, pertaining to Editorial illustrations in printed magazines and newspapers, online news articles, blogs, newsletters or other periodicals. If you have any interest in purchasing this particular image for any of these purposes, refer to via the following link ShutterPoint Stock Photography
    Once you're on that site, click on the 'Photos' tab at the top of the website, click on 'Photographer' under the 'Browse By' Section in the left-hand column, type in 'Stephanie Sharp' and click on my link. You have several of my albums to choose from, and you can find those images there. For any other images on our website, refer to the 'Content Order Form' Page to place your Order.  Enjoy!!   

Large Size Vertical Magnets:




Large Size Horizontal Magnets:




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